Mike T. Henderson: Design, Frontend Development, Art Direction
Erin Gambaiana: Design, Art Direction

Commerce Village Omaha Logo
Commerce Village Logo Design


Turnpost Creative Group was tasked with developing a brand for the Commerce Village Co-working space in the newly renovated Rail and Commerce Building in downtown Omaha.

Opened in 1926, the Rail & Commerce Building (Originally named Burlington Mail Terminal) was once a key stop during the pinnacle of railroad-delivered mail. Located in downtown Omaha, NE, the building features a unique trapezoid design to best accommodate the railway which once traveled through it’s lower level.


After closing mail-oriented operations in the 1970s, the building was mostly unused except for sporadic storage. The building was purchased in 2015 and in need of a massive renovation. Two years later, the freshly renovated Rail & Commerce Building opened its doors to become an active commercial hub once again, dedicating one floor as the co-working space, Commerce Village.

Our team drew inspiration from the rich history of railroad-delivered mail, as well as the unique trapezoid shape of the building. The challenge was to balance history with the contemporary use and energy of the entrepreneurs occupying the space.

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