Omaha Craft Brewery Tour

Mike T. Henderson: Art Direction
Monica McFarland: Writer
Logan Bartels: Designer
Shelton Crouch: Interative Art Direction/UX
Chris Johnson: Senior Designer/UI

Project Description: Omaha is making a name for itself in the craft beer scene. To showcase our city and its award-winning beer, the Omaha Convention and Visitors Bureau created a tour of eight local breweries. To promote the tour, we designed materials that highlight the artisan feel and attention-to-detail that craft beer drinkers look for in their ales. After signing up for the tour, the Craft Beer Explorer’s Journal introduces him to each brewery on the tour and includes a coupon for a free beer at each stop. Participants can use the journal to jot down notes and rate the beers they have tasted on the tour, as well as stamp the journal at each location to later redeem a free Omaha Craft Beer pint glass once the tour is complete. A mobile app helps out-of-town visitors easily navigate to each brewery and share their experience on social media.