Revival Animal Health Website

Mike T. Henderson: Art Direction/UX
Chris Johnson: Senior Design/UI
Project Description:
Revival Animal Health distributes thousands of pet health care products through their website. RAH asked us to redesign their website with the objective to organize their many categories and lines of products, improve the navigation and checkout experience, and provide a clean and orderly aesthetic to reduce “clutter” on the page.
We discovered through analytics that 20% of product categories were being used 80% (give or take) of the time, so the 80/20 rule was applied in organizing content to help users find and access that content quicker.
New reorganized dropdown menu. The 80/20 rule being applied to the Vaccines, Wormers, and Medications sections above.
A shopping cart summary could be accessed and updated from any where on the site.
New product pages were improved by bringing the shopping cart block further up the page, and by keeping the right column free of other elements, the cart block could “stick” as the user scrolled down the page.