Zuprevo Presentation Builder — Native App

Mike T. Henderson: Art Direction/UX design
Chris Johnson: Senior Designer/UI design

Project Description:

Zuprevo is an antibiotic, from Merck Animal Health, used to treat cattle with Bovine Respiratory Disease. The assignment was to create a tool for the Merck sales reps that provides way to demonstrate Zuprevo’s features and benefits, and sell the customer on its use in 3 minutes or less.
One challenge we faced was with the multiple segments involved with this audience. Each Merck sales rep could interact with various segments between: feedlot, dairy, cow/calf, stockers, and veterinarians. Each segment type used the antibiotic differently, and needed to be presented information that catered specifically to their operation.
Since the sales team already used iPads in their day-to-day, we set out to develop a native application that houses all of the marketing and sales materials currently created for Zuprevo and enable the sales team to quickly and efficiently build presentations catered to each of their customers individually. The content includes: calculators, videos, research, sales aids, tech bulletins, images, advertising, etc.
My Presentations Screen
My Presentation Nested View
Create New Presentation
In Create and Edit preentation mode, the sale rep can search for content in the left column and tap to add to the presentation. The sales rep can then reorganize by press-and-hold to drag the thumbnails to the desired position.
Delete Slide
Presentation View
Asset Library can be accessed from anywhere in the app to look up assets outside of presentations.